Being that Affordable Appliance Repair Markham are part of the Markham community, we strive ourselves in maintaining as well as building customer relationships with all of our appliance repair customers that are located within Markham and its surrounding cities too. Compared to our competitors, our team of emergency appliance repair technicians offer affordable pricing along with fast and efficient repair service to better serve all our customers in and around the wonderful city of Markham. Our trained emergency appliance repair technicians will arrive on time and get the appliance repair job completed with the utmost skill, showing you that Affordable Appliance Repair Markham really is the most trusted and affordable appliance repair company in all of Markham. All of our vehicles are fully stocked with the highest quality of parts and equipment in order for our emergency appliance repair technicians to always be readily available to mend any and all your major appliance repair requirements. No matter the make or model of your major appliance or the type of repair service needed, Affordable Appliance Repair Markham will always have a skilled emergency appliance repair technicians within arm's reach to provide you with assistance. Appliance Repair Markham is always on call 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to provide our customers with appliance repair service at a moment's notice. Call us today to see how we may assist you.


At Affordable Appliance Repair Markham, we recognize that choosing the precise major appliance repair company can be a demanding task. Hiring a reliable yet reasonably priced appliance repair company means that you are allowing a complete stranger into your home to service your appliances that run your home everyday. We completely understand the trust and dependability that is needed for you to allow an appliance repair company to work for you. This is why at Affordable Appliance Repair Markham we are sure to verify and thoroughly check into all our emergency appliance repair technicians as well as to ensure randomized drug testing is given to hold to each and every employee here accountable. Therefore, we try and provide our customers with the utmost security and comfort when allowing our team of appliance repair technicians into their homes or businesses. Each and every one of our appliance emergency appliance repair technicians are extremely skillful and maintain constant up keep on their appliance repair skills in order to always be prepared when they come across any appliance break down or malfunction. It does not matter if your brand of appliance is Bosch or Whirlpool, our emergency appliance repair experts will always get the repair job done for all our customers. We guarantee the safety of your home, in addition to the skills in repairing any of your major appliances and the smile on your face once the job is done. Call Affordable Appliance Repair Markham today to see how we can put a smile on your face.


  • Washer repair services
  • Dryer repair services
  • Refrigerator repair services
  • Freezer repair services
  • Stove and oven repair services
  • Dishwasher repair services

The functionality of major appliances is not always lost on most people, but when there is a break down or malfunction you start to wonder “what did I do wrong?”. At Affordable Appliance Repair Markham, we understand things can happen on a whim so why not call in a well equipped and trained appliance repair technician to help get rid of that unwanted stress caused by your faulty major appliance. If it is on a Saturday or Thanksgiving day, having a major appliance breakdown on you is extremely inconvenient. Situations like this call for trusted expert appliance repair company with skilled emergency appliance repair technicians. Everyone is dependent on modern day major appliances to deal with day to day chores and responsibilities. Affordable Appliance Repair Markham services all domestic and European models of major residential or commercial appliances. From Maytag to Bosch, we can work on them all for all of our customers in Markham and the surrounding cities. If you are unsure if we service your specific brand or model, there is no need to worry. Call into our customer service department and our knowledgeable customer service representatives will happily connect you with one of our skillful emergency appliance repair technicians. Affordable Appliance Repair Markham will do everything we can to ensure the highest level of customer service and major appliance repair is completed for you in a speedy and professional manner.


There are countless reasons why our team at Affordable Appliance Repair Markham continues to rise as the top emergency appliance repair provider in Markham. The one thing that separates us from our competitors and continues to provide us with immense pride is our company provided vehicles that act as mini warehouses on wheels. Our emergency appliance repair technicians reflect on our company and thus we ensure they only provide top professional and efficient appliance repair services through and through. Their company provided vehicles is where they spend most of their time (40+ hours a week) so they always ensure it is fully stocked and well maintained in order to provide fast and efficient emergency appliance repair service to the residents of Markham and its surrounding cities. Affordable Appliance Repair Markham provides only the best equipment and materials in the industry along with their skillful hands to ensure a longer lifespan for your major appliances. Whether you have newer model stove or an older model Refrigerator, you can count on Affordable Appliance Repair Markham to have the correct tools and skillful emergency appliance repair technicians to match the job. Other than our fully stocked vehicles, we are also available 7 days a week, 365 days a week, and ready to take your call in a moment's notice. Our skilled emergency appliance repair technicians offer the lowest possible prices along with the fastest response time, it is easy to see why Appliance Repair Markham continues to be the number one appliance repair company in Markham and the surrounding areas. Contact our amazing customer service representatives today to learn how we can help you.